Natural Hairstory

Relaxed Lizzie in '03

In 2005, I started on my natural journey (involuntarily, might I add).

Long story short: I went in for a relaxer on a Saturday and over the course of the following week I noticed my hair was falling out...literally. I went back to my stylist a week later, and I was facing the inevitable: she had to cut my hair. Don't get me wrong, the short style was uber cute, but I couldn't maintain it. (Besides those small marcel irons were tearing my scalp up!)

So, I did what any sane person would do - I got a weave.  It was my only option. I knew that I did not want another relaxer. I wore the weave for about a month and switched to microbraids, and then kinky twists.  The kinky twists ended up being my favorite hairstyle.

Natural Lizzie in '06
 In Summer of 2006, I was relocating to a new city and wanted to change my look. It was time to wear my real hair. I scoured the internet for help, and came across Nappturality. I haven't looked back since.

Over the course of a year, I educated myself on natural hair by attending meetups with other naturals, learning different hairstyles, and reading the blogs that were out at the time. (Please note: it wasn't that many.)

I also became a product junkie. Everytime I read about a product...I bought it. My bathroom area was filled with everything from Aveda to Bed Head, Carol's Daughter to Rusk. I just wanted THAT hair.

Two important things that I learned during that time: 1.) It's not what you put on your hair, but what you put in your body and 2.) My hair is not like everyone else.

2007 - I decide to relocate back to Georgia. Natural Hair still in effect. 

Coiled Lizzie '07

2008 - I started seeing a major change in my hair. It was healthier and longer.

2009 - After three years of being natural, I became bored. I felt like I needed a new look. I was tired of wearing the same styles, and not experiencing the growth that I thought I should have. The flat ironing,  kinky twists, scalp issues, and microbraids took a major toll on my hair. I had a consultation with a natural hair stylist and he recommended a big chop. And, I agreed.

Liberated Lizzie '09

That's where my true "hairstory" begins.