Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the UPdate: i suck

The last time I posted was 4/2011. Talk about a mess - An extreme lack of follow-through on my part.

How dare I set a goal and not accomplish it? Easy. I just "do" something and not tell anyone. I've always thought that as long as my "lack of follow through" doesn't hinder anyone then I shouldn't feel bad. As long as no one knows my goals - there's no accountability. Well, that's where I'm sadly mistakened. The reality is I am hindering someone - ME! Not having accountabilty hurts who? ME! Funny how we can sell ourselves short sometime, right?

From my earlier posts, you'll see where I had set a goal to lose some weight by the time my Fave's wedding rolled around. (Mmm....the wedding is next week.) I struggled with setting a weekly meal plan (ask me about my "stocked" fridge). I even talked about maintaining this blog. (Remember my last post was dated April '11, right?)  The truth of the matter is I did it...half-assedly. (Is that even a word?)

Yes, I lost some weight and yes, I followed a meal plan when it was convenient. I even managed to draft a number of blog posts, yet, I never published them. SMH.

I can honestly admit that I'm disappointed in my behavior. I came up with a number of excuses. I TALKED BIG, but did little. I truly let myself down. That's SO hard to admit. (Did I mention that I have an issue with vulnerability?)

So in order to BE better - I have to DO better. Simple as that.

No more excuses. Only results from here on out.

(ps - I have intentionally refrained from posting my "I'm gonnas" and have decided to just do it. You will read about it eventually.)

LET'S GO!!!!!

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