Friday, April 1, 2011

the realization

"bachelorette party"
"destination: vegas or miami"
"able to attend?"

Those were the phrases that were in an email that I received a couple of days ago. In past years, I would've been elated to get that type of message. I would've started checking for vacation days, researching flights, checking out my fave websites to start shopping, and even planning the new hair 'do for said event. But, not on this particular day.

Instead of elation, I felt trepidation.
Instead of vacation days, I counted down the months until the event.
Instead of researching flights, I researched diet plans.
Instead of online shopping, I checked out online weight loss resources and workout gear.

My reality was simple - "I could not go through another another The BIG GIRL."

I replied that I will be attending and got to work on a plan for my new journey. I have six months to make it happen, and I plan to do so. I even managed to find a new 'do that will work perfectly through my pending transition.

Wish me luck & stay tuned!

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