Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Doing something "strange" for Change...

Not monetary change, but life-altering change.

It all started with a conversation thread in my BGR! group, and was later confirmed after I watched the documentary, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead".  This film documents a journey into juicing, and honestly I was left inspired. For a moment, I thought  "Hey, I can do this." But, my reality is simple: "I absoFREAKINlutely love food.

Even though my heart wasn't commited to the idea of juicing, my mind was made up. I had to purchase a Breville juicer.  Easy, right? Not so much.
When I tell you I've done WAY too much for this durn thing, I mean it. I contacted Breville Corporate offices, searched ALL the Bed, Bath, and Beyonds online and contacted the stores with "availability" and "limited availability".

When I saw that the BBB in Hot Spring, Arkansas had availability, I called a friend who lives in Conway and asked if she could pick it up. A few hours later, I thought "Ahhh heck naw. Let me go ahead and call 'em myself and see if they'll ship it to me."

I spoke with a store rep who told me they had ONE juicer left in the store. I was thrilled. I then asked if they'd take a 20% coupon over the phone. (Shout out to Jani who took a photo of the coupon and emailed it to me. lol) Well, how about they not only gave me the discount, they are shipping it to me for free.  Look at God!

Yeah, I've done way tooooooo much. But I'm ONE HAPPY SISTAH!

C'mon next week. Juice! Juice! Baby!

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