Monday, April 16, 2012

13.1 - because I'm only half crazy!

Item 9 on my #visionboard2012 is complete! On yesterday, I ran my first half-marathon.

I woke up Sunday morning so excited about the challenge before me. To be honest, I was a tad bit nervous because my ankles and feet were giving me problems and I could NOT have them fail me. I had 13.1 to eat for breakfast.

After arriving at the Park, I met up with my fellow BGR! sisters for photos and conversation. For many of us, this would be our first major race.

This race included running two loops in Central Park. Running Cat Hill and Harlem twice = pure torture. I'm so thankful for the many runs and hill repeats we did in the park. It definitely made a difference in my performance.

All in all, my first half experience was pretty awesome! The energy of the crowd, support from fellow runners, and preparation made for a memorable experience.

Here are a few photos from the race:
photo courtesy of Brian W.

Waiting in the corral

Run and Done

My Bling

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