Saturday, June 9, 2012


DIG DEEP. Two simple words I kept saying to myself as the Black Girls Run at the NYRR Mini 10K this morning. It was my hardest race to date - both mentally and emotionally. While running, I thought back to last week and how trying it was ...for me. (Especially June 8th - My dad's birthday). Needless to say I was done by mile 3. I was ready to throw up the deuces and head home. But, God!

I started to remember the days of kickboxing when my dad would often say "Are you tired? You're not tired yet!" It made me smile. Soon after, I started digging (trying to channel my "inner George" if you will). Crossing the finish line was quite emotional for me. I explained this to my mom, and her response was simple - "Those were tears of Victory. Your flesh and mind thought they had you beat. They were wrong." (Oh, the POWER of positive thinking! )

As for my race, I set a personal best - 1:28. To God be the Glory! To my cheerleaders - in heaven, running beside me, waiting at the finish, and beyond - your support, inspiration, and encouragement made it possible. ♪♫...I'm so blessed. Yes! Yes! ♫♪ xoxo

One of my favorite signs.

All smiles!

BGR! NYC posing with Jacqueline Dixon, the first winner of NYRR Mini 10K
photo courtesy of Brian W.
Ready to run

Bling - CHECK!
photo courtesy of Brian W.

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