Monday, July 30, 2012


It’s true – I have a deep love for running.
It challenges me, provides release, and makes me feel alive. 

Some runs are better than others. The first mile is always the toughest.
I struggle with myself.
I question.
I sigh.

Despite my exhaustion, hectic schedule, or mood, I lace up and I get it done. I find that once I’m in the zone, I become centered and my focus is laser sharp.

My playlists (as off the chain as they were) kept me company. When my iPod died during a group run, I made the decision to stop running with music. (Even though during races I silently wish I had it to drown out the “you’re almost theres”. Almost there = a long way to go. Quit lying to me. lol) Running sans music has definitely made a difference in my running.

Oh, and that runner’s high – it’s real. It’s like a surge of energy and joy being pumped through your veins, and you can’t stop. You won’t stop. Simply put - It’s feels so damn good!

Running: it’s my anti-drug.

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