Monday, March 4, 2013

Princess Lizzie takes on Disney

On Sunday, February 24th, I completed my second half-marathon of 2013. It was the Disney Princess Half-Marathon and it was AMAZING! I came to know about Run Disney during an expo for the AJC Peachtree Road Race in July 2012. Inspired by the fabulous bling, I made the decision to not only run a race, but I also planned to participate in the Coast to Coast Challenge. I've heard nothing but great things about the Disney races and figured why not!

Growing up, I didn't play much with dolls, dress up, or princess-like things, so I was shocked when "girly" Lizzie started to emerge as I prepared for this race. Running as Princess Tianna was a no-brainer, but would I don a tutu...that was the looming question. After much thought - it was settled. I contacted my friend Toni Jill, and she made my tutu for me.

On Friday, we hit up the "Disney Fit for a Princess Expo" to pick up bibs, shirts, and bags. I also like to use this time to eye organizations with cute bling. (Yeah, I am THAT runner. #willrunforbling). I also had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Galloway during a brief stop at the runDisney booth.

As for the race itself, I have to give major kudos to Disney for organizing such a memorable event. There were close to 26,000 runners and I thought the process from start to finish was seamless. This was my first race where a medical tent was along the route. (Hooray for Biofreeze!)

It was great to see the characters along the route, but please note: there was often a line with a wait in case you want to take photos with the Princesses, Princes, and Heroes. Taking a photo of them was just dandy with me. #aintnobodygottimefodat

Quick observation: The Princes are F-I-N-E. Nothing like a lil' eye candy to keep you moving steadily along the route.

This race has me so excited about the Disneyland Half (which I'm running in September). If you ever have the chance to run the Princess Half, please do! You will be glad you did.

Until next time...have a good evening, y'all!

Scenes from the 'Disney Fit for a Princess' Expo:

The runDisney Bling


Jeff Galloway

Damn shame how flat my feet are. Welp. Here's a possible solution.


Scenes from RACE DAY!:

There's power in the tutu!

BGR! Princesses


It's Princess Tiana!

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