Sunday, August 12, 2012

Brunchin' at Madiba

Breakfast. It's my favorite meal of the day.
What's better? Brunch.
On the weekend. With my girls.

This was the case when Brandi, Marjani, and I trekked to Brooklyn and dined at Madiba, an eclectic restaurant located in Fort Greene. Madiba serves up South African cuisine in an atmosphere that pays homage to Nelson Mandela. Per the website: "Madiba is your gateway to South Africa."

Upon entering the restauraunt, we were greeted with the melodic sounds of Nomsa Mazwai, a South African singer with the voice of an angel. After being seated, we checked out the menu.

Then enters Ezra, our server.

{PAUSE} I think I stopped breathing for two point five seconds.
Now wait -- Where was I? Oh, the menu.

It didn't take long for us to decide on:

Organic Chicken Wings Peri Peri as an appetizer
Marjani's Lorenzo Marques Prawns
Brandi's Lamb Durban Bunny Chow
My Chicken Curry with Roti
The Sambals that accompanied the Curry

Ready to get our grub ON!

Each dish was deeeeeeeeeeeeeeelectable. The flavors, the combination of yellow rice and raisins (who knew?), and the tenderness of the meat were all on point.

Throughout our meal, Ezra was dropping knowledge about the history of South Africa and his upbringing there. At the end of his shift, he took a seat and joined us for more conversation.

Engaged in Conversation

Btw, there's nothing like an articulate, socially conscious man.

Conversations finished, and it was on to dessert. Ezra recommended:
Jenny's Malva Pudding

Chocolate Indulgence

Laughter, good food with great company makes for an awesome day in the city for me. I can't wait to return. I'm silently praying that the server gods see fit to have Ezra wait on us again.

Just sayin'...

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