Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sticks and stones

It was a Saturday afternoon, and we were gathered at my grandmother’s house to celebrate my cousin heading off to college. At quick glance, players were being ‘set’ at the spades table, children were running around, and of course the grown folk huddled in their conversations.

As I approached, my cousin asked about my next race. I replied, and said something to my uncle who was at the next table. While chatting with my uncle, I overhear a family friend say (to my cousin) “Liz runs…as big as she is”.
“’t.  Oh.yes.she.did.” 

Wooooooooooow.  I’m amazed at the audacity of people who say things, without having prior knowledge of what’s going or a filter.

My immediate reaction also took me by surprise. Normally, I would’ve disregarded the comment and chalked it up to the fact that she didn’t know any better. Instead, her comment stung and I wanted to sting right back. Believe me when I say I was 30 seconds away from being  mad-- like real mad Joe Jackson.  
But here’s the thing – while I was seething internally about her remark, I was more aggravated with myself for allowing her comment to affect my psyche. Sheesh...when did I become so sensitive sentient?


  1. Its not about being sensitive. Words hurt especially when they come from your family. Just remember your journey and that only fuel to continue your fire.