Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I am always looking for new activities to incorporate in my workout regimen. When I received a text re: a hoop class, I immediately thought "Hey, this'll be alot of fun." Now, mind you when I was younger, I considered myself to be a hula hooper extraordinaire. That all changed when I walked into the studio at the Manhattan Movement Center.


This two-hour class was led by Jacklyn Deans of HoopNoire. She went over the basics of hooping, and taught us how to hoop from the waist, the thighs, from side to side, and halo. Talk about a workout! The music was great. I even managed to cut a two-step when this song started pumping through the speakers.

A few shots during the class:
All day...hoopin'

I'm ready to hoop!

#bgr Group Hoop Class

Following the hoop class, I went for a run along the Hudson, and took this photo. With scenery like this why wouldn't you run?

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