Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cancelled? Say it ain't so!

It's official - The NYRR Dash to the Finish has been cancelled.
I need a moment.

I was looking forward to this race because it was my last one to qualify for guaranteed entry through the 9+1 program. Secondly, it's the day before the marathon, and I'd have the opportunity to run a part of the route. Call me crazy, but I LOVE that type of stuff.

@RunnersWorld first broke the news via Twitter that there wouldn't be a Dash. I was praying that it wasn't true. No word was  mentioned by NYRR via social media or email, so things were looking good....until I woke up to an email message. {Sigh}
While I appreciate NYRR for giving us the race credit, part of me feels like I need to earn my 9th. During my run this morning, I started to think about a way that I could "earn" my 9th race and then it hit me - Aim to complete 500 miles for 2012.
I'm an avid user of dailymile. Dailymile is a great place to keep track of your workouts, miles, etc. If you're a user, add me. So far, I've run 421 miles this year. By 12/31, my goal is to reach 500 miles. Once this is accomplished, I will be set and ready to be IN for 2013.

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