Saturday, December 22, 2012

#Visionboard2012 Revisit: Items 15 - 24

In a few hours, I'm driving my family up to NYC for the holidays, so to save time I'm combining the last items from my visionboard in one post.

So, let's get to it.

Live in the moment: I have a tendency to focus on the destination instead of enjoying the journey. This year I was more conscious of being present in my day to day activities, conversations, and experiences. I must say that arriving at the 'destination' was wonderful, but the 'journey' to get there was much sweeter.

Be more active in the Social Mediaverse: Facebook is been my social media go-to site. I've been on twitter (@lizzieonthespot) for years, but I wasn't as active as I should be. The strange thing is I enjoy Twitter ALOT more than Facebook -- when I'm actually on. I also posted more photos on Instagram. Next year, I want to Vlog. Look for my Youtube channel in early January.

Lose 100lbs: I lost 69 instead. I'm still pleased. :)

Take a Pole Dancing Class:  Maybe next year.

Learn Choreography from Dejan Tubic: When I was in CA, he was actually on the road traveling. I managed to stop by the studio though. This WILL happen though.

Preserve the Sexy with my BGR! Sisters: DONE! Peep my race calendar to the right.

Travel and Travel some more: CHECK!

Streamline: Work/Life Balance, Efficiency, and Time Management was achieved this year!

Meet that special someone:  The jury is still out on this particular one. All I will say is I met someone in September and he's definitely one of a kind. :)

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